Why Seek Independent Review Websites Before Purchases

New products are introduced constantly, E-commerce sites are launched at a rapid pace, and manufacturer claims are often exaggerated. Blog reviews are written by regular people, but they receive compensation from advertisers so a slant should be expected. Product sites will only display the positive reviews, so a realistic idea of how a product performs can be difficult to glean. Another issue to consider is whether an E-commerce site is legitimate or part of a scam to get personal information from browsers. There are plenty of examples of people ordering an item, never receiving it, and having charges added to their credit cards. Browse the internet for items needed or desired, but do not place an order until research is conducted.

An independent review site allows shoppers to post whatever they wish regarding a product, a specific website, customer service, a brand, and their level of satisfaction. The truth, as actual customers interpret it, can be found on a multitude of items and sites. Potential buyers can get an overall impression of a site or product and determine for themselves if they proceed with the transaction.

Some top-ranked, independent review sites include Top Consumer Reviews, Epinions, and Consumer Reports. New sites are attempting to be more efficient and relevant as purchasing items on the internet changes and grows. One example, SiteJabber, is a newly launched, web-based platform designed to help buyers avoid scams and find trustworthy and reputable online businesses. Browsers can seek reviews by categories that range from pregnancy to pets, enter a topic, or input a specific company or website. Those seeking pet supplements, for example, can search for Nuvet on SiteJabber, to learn about the company and the products offered. The opportunity to leave a review is also available as are tips and suggestions about ordering items online.

Taking the time to read independent reviews will not eliminate all the risks of making purchases. It will provide a wide variety of information from those who have already made purchases on a site or have received and used a product. Objective comments on the pricing, service, and performance of a site or product contribute to the comfort level of the buyer. One thing that is certain is that the time will not be wasted as new information is always beneficial.