The Importance of Veterinary Compounding Pharmacies for Specific Needs

Why does someone decide to view Nick Bova on LinkedIn? One reason might be to learn more about compounding pharmacies for veterinary services. Most prescription medications for people and their pets can be purchased from batch stocks at various places that fill prescriptions. Retail drugstores fill prescriptions for people as well as for dogs and cats, for example. Hospital pharmacies sell the medications to human patients and veterinary clinics sell to pet owners. In some instances, the batch stocks are not the best option, as a customized medication is called for. For instance, a dog may need a certain pill every day, but the exact dosage is not available in the standard pill size. The owner may be willing to cut the tablets in half with a pill cutter, but veterinarians generally prefer a more precise dosage than can be achieved with this casual device. The answer is a compounding pharmacy that makes customized dosages and medication blends for canine friends.

A company like Bova Compounding, owned and managed by Nick Bova, provides this type of service. Obtaining customized dosages is just one of the many reasons that veterinarians and their clients order from this organization. Some dogs and cats, for instance, are willing to eat or drink medicine if it has a favorite flavor, but they refuse it otherwise. If the manufacturer discontinues that flavor or if only undesirable flavors have always been provided, a compounding pharmacist can add the missing ingredient that appeals to this discerning canine or feline palate.

Sometimes pharmaceutical manufacturers discontinue a certain kind of medicine if there is not enough demand for it. However, this particular medicine may still be important for the health and well-being of a limited number of dogs or cats. They may not have the same positive results with a different medication, or that drug may cause side effects for these animals. Other commercially available drugs that are meant to be similar may contain an ingredient that the pet is allergic or sensitive to. Veterinarians may be able to arrange for a compounding pharmacy to prepare the desired drug in single-prescription amounts.